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Are you looking out for options available for purifying your surrounding? Are you feeling tired?

Have you heard about essential oil diffusers or Aroma Oil burners? What wonder they can do to your surroundings.








If you seeking answers to these questions, then you are at the right place to know how aroma oil burner work in our daily lifestyle.






The essential oil has a vast and proven historical background and in the recent era, they are re-engineered in the field of aromatherapy i.e. the branch of alternative medicines.

Essential oil is basically an extraction of different plants, this oil gives you the natural therapy – earth embedded.

There are many usages for the essential oils such as they can be used in making perfumes, some use them in cosmetics, are also used in Spa’s for Massage, some use them in soap making and related products.

These are even the best home friends in various ways such as they are used in cooking food and for drinks as a flavoring agent and many household cleaning products.

Some of the examples of common essential oils which were considered as generally recognized as safe by the food and drug administration (FDA) are:

  • Basil – botanical name of plant source is Ocimum basilicum L.
  • Coffee – the botanical name of plant source is Coffea spp., etc.

However, from improper use of such essential oils, it may not give you positive results. By positive results, we mean by the use of essential oils some get allergic reactions while some get skin irritation.

So, we highly recommend the use of essential oils with caution at Brahmz®.

These essential oils are now diluted so that it can be diffused in the air by a nebulizer, humidifier, heated over a candle flame with the use of Brahmz® aroma oil diffuser or you can use burned as incense.


We at Brahmz®, we design and create aroma oil diffuser as per the customer’s specifications. Brahmz® is known for its decor creation. We do create decor whether home, commercial, or any. We have a variant for almost every occasion from a little tiny birthday celebration to your first date celebration to your marriage celebration to your beginning of second innings.


Let’s get to know how you can use your Brahmz® aroma oil burner.

Step 1: Before you can learn how to use Brahmz® aroma oil burner, you need to choose wisely the type of diffuser you want to actually want to use. However, choosing is not so easy at Brahmz®. 

Points to keep in mind before selecting the diffuser:

  • As per your need. [what purpose is on your mind while placing the order]
  • As per duration: It means if you want the diffuser to work for a long duration then you need to buy that diffuser who is having the upper bowl that much which fulfills your requirements i.e. duration of the working depends upon the dept of the upper chest. 
  • Candle or electric? That is something you have to be for sure.

For instance, if you are in a place where you can’t lid a candle due to fire alarm issue or for any other reason(s), or if you are in a place where you often don’t find the T-light candles, then certainly electric one would be your choice, etc.

If you are choosing the electric one and you wish to order from a country outside India, kindly confirm the electric fitting available with the electric one. We do provide all types of export quality electric fitting for the customers who place an order from outside India.

  •  Non-candle and Non-electric: They are often called reeds diffuser because of their unique absorbent quality through which they spread the aroma around you. They are more suitable where there is no direct movement of a person or natural air i.e. best suited for the indoor AC cabins. The quantity of diffuser depends upon the size of the room.
  •  Ceramic or Soapstone or metal or Glass: Now this one is also not so easy to select. Among all soapstone gives you the fastest results in comparison to others. They even look more astonishing as compare to others because of their unique way of making the design by Indian artisans. 
  • As per your home/office décor: Based on the color of walls, furniture, theme, etc. 
  • Placement [size issue], where you want to keep: You must choose the diffuser size as per your size of the room and where you want to place it. Like Big Diffusers covers a larger area like Reception area and small diffuser covers small areas like small room or washroom. 
  • Combo packs: Where you can explore all different types of the diffuser at one roof. You can use an electric one in your washroom or at the entrance, the candle one at your study area, spiritual place or sometimes at the entrance also and the reed diffuser oils at your dinner table, living room, study table, office table, etc. 

Step 2: Select the fragrance which fulfills your purpose of using your aroma oil diffuser. We do have more than 250 different fragrances available for sale in domestic as well as in the overseas market.

You can buy the aroma as small as a pack of 10 ml to 1 kg of(Commercial use- monthly pack )as per your need.

For a sampling of different types of aroma’s kindly contact at Brahmz®.

Step 3:  Find a beautiful place for placing your aroma diffuser with the heat resistant surface. Heat resistance surface is a must for the durability of your furniture and of the diffuser.

Step 4: Add a few drops of the selected aroma oil on the upper chest of the diffuser i.e. 5-6 drops. Be gently in washing the diffuser, every time you change the oil.

Note: if you desire to change the fragrance in your reeds diffuser oil, then don’t forget to change the reeds sticks. As the previous reeds are also soaked with the previous fragrance they will not give the effect of aroma now.

Step 5: Put some water on the upper chest of the diffuser i.e. somewhere about 60% of the upper chest needs to be filled with water. In winter(s) you can use warm water for more efficient results. 

Once you see the upper chest of the diffuser is about to evaporate in full you can add some more water to the diffuser if you still wish to use the diffuser. There is no need to add more aroma unless you feel it is giving some less effective.

Step 6: Its time to some heat up your diffuser.

  • If you have selected a candle T-light diffuser, then place a T-Light gently inside the diffuser.

  • If you have selected an Electric diffuser, then switch on your diffuser.

It will take a few minutes to purify and make your environment aromatic.

Note: If you are using reeds diffuser oil, then make sure you flip the sides of the reeds 4 – 5 times in a day.

Step 7: Caution: Do not leave your diffuser un-attended or in a range of children.

If you about the leave the place or office or any area where you have kept your diffuser, it is highly advisable to switch off the diffuser if it is an electric one or put your t-light off if it is a candle to rest. Sometimes, diffuser might get too warm, it is advisable not to keep your diffuser in such a place where children can easily reach that. Be safe be aromatic. 

Your ordered product(s) will reach you safely with foam inner safety and with 5 layered outer corrugated box package. For overseas buyer(s), we have a fast shipping model also.

For bulk order(s) kindly contact at Brahmz®.


Happy Aroma day to all viewers!!